Why am I getting a broadcast transaction error?

Broadcast transaction errors are generally due to the Exodus wallet being out of sync with the network. This can be caused by the internet or the computer shutting off suddenly. In these cases, a manual refresh usually solves this problem. Here's a link with instructions for the refresh:

Below is an example video of how to refresh your Bitcoin - this same behavior can be done with each asset, they all behave the same.

  1. Open your Bitcoin wallet by clicking on “Wallet” on the left sidebar then choose “Bitcoin”.
  2. Mouse over the Bitcoin logo and you will see a refresh icon. Click on the refresh icon.
  3. A dialog asks you if you want to rescan the blockchain. Choose "Rescan".

When this process starts, individual transactions are counted and rebuilt. This is very similar to recounting a drawer of money. When the refresh icon is finished spinning all your transactions will be updated and refreshed.

If you are still getting an error, please try adding Exodus to your list of Safe Programs on your Anti-Virus software, as it may not be letting Exodus connect to the internet. 

If you are still receiving the error, please contact support.

The following are screenshots on how to do it: