Details about the upcoming TenX Airdrop

As you are probably aware, there is an airdrop happening for all eligible TenX (PAY) holders. This article gives you details about the upcoming TenX airdrop.

When did the snapshot take place?
The TenX team took a snapshot of the Ethereum blockchain on 30 December 2018 2 PM UTC. If you had TenX (PAY) stored at an Ethereum address at that time, then you will be eligible to receive the new token when they send it out.

What will the new token be called?
It appears the new airdropped token will be called TenX as well, though its ticker symbol will (TENX), whereas the original TenX tokens have the ticker symbol (PAY), and moving forward they may be called PAY tokens. We agree this is confusing, so we will stick to the ticker symbols for all further references in this article; PAY to represent the existing tokens you hold, and TENX to represent the reward tokens that their team is planning to airdrop.

How do I know that I am eligible for the TenX airdrop?
All users who held the PAY token at the time of the snapshot are eligible to receive the TENX airdrop tokens. However, the TenX development team has certain criteria which one must meet in order to be able to claim the airdropped tokens. Full details on eligibility have been provided here:

Will Exodus support TENX? Can I see my new TENX airdropped tokens inside Exodus?
We do not currently have plans to add support for TENX at the moment. If you're eligible and the TenX team sends you TENX, it will be stored safely at your Exodus Ethereum address even though Exodus will not display them.

To retrieve them, you will need to export your Ethereum private keys. Because of the inherent security risks of exporting private keys, we do not recommend doing this unless you have a clear plan for where to send your TENX and what to do with it. In the beginning, it is unlikely that any exchanges will support TENX trading, so it's best to keep the tokens safely stored at your address.

Once the airdrop happens, you can enter your Ethereum (ETH) address on an ETH block explorer like to view your TENX balance. You can read more about this here:

If you do end up exporting your keys, please be aware of the risks; anyone who gains access to them can take away your money. It is better to wait for a while than to lose all your money in a hack/scam. If you need more details on the risks associated, please talk to us by writing to [email protected], we will be glad to help.

All other details like the amount of airdropped tokens, eligibility, KYC, airdrop dates, etc. are available in this official blog post made by the TenX team:

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