How Can I Contact Exodus?

Here are the best ways to get in touch with your favourite cryptocurrency wallet provider Exodus:


Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date or send us a tweet.


Email is the fastest response time since we have a 24/7 worldwide support team to respond to emails.

Live Chat in Slack: Signup at

Over 14,000+ Exodus users are in our Slack Channel - this live community can typically help 24/7


Follow the latest Exodus news direct from our homegrown blog.


Join our growing Facebook community.

Presently, Exodus does not offer support via telephone. It is important to note that while numbers listed as "Official Exodus Support" are often posted and shared on the internet, these are scams attempting to gain access to your funds. 

Note that Exodus Staff will  NEVER ask for sensitive information, including passwords, 12-word phrases or private keys.