What domains does Exodus use?

Exodus uses several domains to run the service. Each domain serves a specific purpose, like running the wallet, serving the downloads, or connecting to block explorers. Check the domains in this article if you’re unsure if it’s safe to go to a particular website or accept a communication from an email address that looks like it's from Exodus.

exodus.io and support.exodus.io

The website for Exodus wallet which is used to show information about the wallet along with the Knowledge Base part which hosts a lot of self-help articles to help you with understanding the wallet functionality.


Most part of the Exodus wallet connects to *.a.exodus.io domains to be able to provide you with the functionality to run the wallet effortlessly. As you might know already, * refers to any sub-domains or servers that may be used to ensure proper wallet functioning.


Exodus uses Microsoft Azure to serve wallet downloads from the https://www.exodus.io/releases page.

This is the only official source to download the Exodus Desktop Wallet for Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers. We do not recommend downloading Exodus from any 3rd party hosts or websites. 

Here is how to verify if your Exodus download is authentic: https://support.exodus.io/article/131-how-to-verify-that-your-exodus-download-is-authentic

We now also have Exodus wallet available on both iOS and Android and you can find out more here: https://www.exodus.io/mobile/

E-mails from Exodus

If you receive a communication that looks like it’s from Exodus but doesn’t come from one of the domains listed below, please be careful as it may contain malware or be a phishing attempt.

All email from Exodus employees and support staff are sent from exodus.io

3rd Party Block Explorers

These services are used to provide exchange, exchange pricing, asset price feeds, block explorers etc. services inside the Exodus wallet. Since Exodus uses P2P connections for Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC), please expect to see multiple hostnames and IP addresses requesting connections through your firewall.

Note: These servers can change from time-to-time depending on various reasons.

  • blockdozer.com
  • changelly.com
  • changenow.io
  • coinswitch.co
  • switchain.com
  • faa.st
  • shapeshift.io
  • mainnet.decred.org
  • chain.api.btc.com
  • api.coinmarketcap.com
  • min-api.cryptocompare.com
  • bitcoinfees.earn.com
  • api.blockcypher.com
  • insight.bitpay.com
  • insight.dash.siampm.com
  • api.dash.org or insight.dash.org
  • dnsseed.dashpay.io
  • dnsseed.litecointools.com
  • seed.bitcoin.sipa.be
  • factom.exodus.io
  • s2.ripple.com
  • dnsseed.dash.org or dash.org
  • dnsseed.dashdot.io or dashdot.io
  • dnsseed.litecoinpool.org
  • bitseed.xf2.org
  • dnsseed.bitcoin.dashjr.org
  • dnsseed.bluematt.me
  • seed.bitcoinstats.com
  • dnsseed.masternode.io
  • seed.bitcoin.jonasschnelli.ch
  • dnsseed.ltc.xurious.com
  • api.etherscan.io or etherscan.io
  • dnsseed.weminemnc.com
  • dnsseed.koin-project.com
  • etcchain.com
  • insight.litecore.io
  • gastracker.io
  • blockchain.com
  • digiexplorer.info
  • eosflare.io
  • eospark.io
  • chainz.cryptoid.info
  • bithomp.com
  • stellarchain.io
  • insight.dashevo.org
  • explorer.zcha.in
  • tronscan.org
  • neotracker.io
  • explorer.qtum.org
  • explorer.bitcoingold.org

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