Why is NEO only available in whole numbers?

NEO is a blockchain similar to Ethereum, with a few distinct differences such as smart contracts with a flexible programming language, lightning fast transaction speeds and a protection against future quantum attack vectors by using quantum resistant cryptography.

This all sounds really cool but there are caveats to transacting on the  NEO network. The most notable is NEO can only be used in whole number values. This means the long string of decimal places does not exist with NEO. 

How does NEO work in the exchange?

Since NEO is NON-divisible with less than whole numbers, when you exchange to NEO, your sending asset will be rounded down to the nearest NEO. For example:

Exchanging to NEO:
If I input a number on the left side of the exchange when receiving NEO it will automatically round to the nearest available amount of the asset I want to sell, equal the closest whole number of NEO.

Exchanging from NEO: 
If I put an amount not equaling a whole number for NEO it will automatically round to the nearest whole number. If 3.5  is entered it will round up to 4. If I enter 3.4, it will round down to 3.

It's normal to see the amounts change directly after input when exchanging with NEO.

Once you are happy with the amounts in the exchange window, simply press Exchange to start your transaction.

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