Will Exodus support the BitcoinCash SV fork?

On November 15th, there was a contentious hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash network. This Fork started with a Hash war and then with a genuine split of the coins with delayed replay protection on both chains for independent transactions on their respective networks.

This article will try to cover all BCH and BCH SV related questions post the 15 Nov. 2018 hard fork.

Why is BCH forking? 

Separate BCH development teams led by high profile individuals have had disagreements over the consensus (Governance) rules of the network. This disagreement has led both teams to pursue their own chains in hopes of becoming the main BCH chain. BCH ABC or BCH SV current signalling can be seen in real time on https://cash.coin.dance/

What are transaction replay and replay protection?

In regards to forks, transaction replay is when a transaction occurs and both the original token and the forked token are sent in the transaction together when unintended. This means that if you were to send your BCHABC, your BCHSV could be sent with it unknowingly. Replay protection is a function that makes it so that only one of the two tokens to be sent.

More can be read on replay attacks here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Replay_attack

How do I claim my SV coins?

At this moment, we are considering all options to create a secure BCH SV claim feature inside the wallet. This feature is currently at a planning stage, and hence, we do not have a timeline as to when it will be ready.

We strongly recommend waiting out patiently since there are a lot of security reasons why you should not send out BCH from your wallet.

Will Exodus add full BCH SV support inside the wallet?

Before Exodus supports BCH SV (BSV), the newly forked coin will need to go through the same rigorous evaluation as any other asset, with its own Mainnet, goes through for inclusion into the wallet. Which means support for BCH SV (BSV) is not planned at the present time.

When will BCH trading (exchange) be available?

Our exchange partners have yet to open BCH trading because of the extremely long confirmation times on the Exchanges who are supporting the forked asset.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

What should I do?

Every fork is an opportunity for thieves to attempt to steal your funds. Since there is little information the best course of action is to not make any BCH transactions during the fork and until the replay protection has been developed and do not import your BCH private keys into any wallet to make a claim until the wallet has been verified as legitimate and safe.

12/6/2018 last update.