How do I create a new EOS account?

This article describes how to create an EOS account. Wallets which did not contain EOS ERC20 (old EOS) tokens on or before June 2nd, 2018 will need to create a new EOS account name connected with their EOS private key. This can be done simply and safely inside Exodus without exposing your private keys and risking your funds.

There are two ways to create a new EOS account name in Exodus:

Note: While EOS Mainnet dedicated wallets allow creating multiple EOS account names and delegating resources to them from the primary account, your Exodus wallet only supports one EOS account name. 

The Easy Way

The quickest and easiest way to create an EOS Account name is to exchange from any asset to EOS through the built-in Exchange feature. When doing this for the first time, part of the exchanged EOS (5 EOS) will be used to maintain your EOS account resources CPU, NET and RAM. The funds used during the account creation are not collected by Exodus and are used for your resource staking.

Select the asset you would like to exchange to create your EOS account. Some blockchain networks are quicker than others and will impact the total transaction time before you can see your EOS in Exodus. The typical duration of exchanges could be anywhere from 1 to 25 min. 

When you create your EOS account name using the exchange feature, wait for your exchange to complete. Once your EOS arrives in Exodus, you can successfully deposit and exchange more EOS using your newly created account.

Hint: To do this quickly use Litecoin, Digibyte, any Ethereum asset, or XRP.

Once your exchange completes, you will be able to see the balance in your EOS wallet and use the Advanced Drawer to view your account name, staked and liquid balance as well as your EOS account resource allocation. 

The Advanced Way

The second method of creating an EOS account name in Exodus requires you to already have EOS in another wallet and is accessed from the Developer Menu. This method can be used also to send EOS to Exodus directly from an exchange if you don't have an account in Exodus.

Open the developer menu and select Developer > Assets > EOS > Create Account...

Select and copy the account name signupexodus and the  memo from the pop-up.

From your existing EOS mainnet wallet, send 3 or more EOS to `signupexodus` and paste the copied information into the memo field.

Return to your newly created Exodus EOS wallet and you should see the incoming transaction from the account creation and account details in the Advanced Drawer.