Network or Connection Issues Troubleshooting Guide for Exodus Windows Users

Having trouble refreshing the wallet? Exodus says it cannot connect to the internet? Cannot send your funds out? This guide is for you!

This guide will help troubleshoot connection issues on your Windows computer using Exodus.

A network or connection issue can be due to multiple reasons and hence, there are various steps involved in identifying and fixing them. It is difficult to point out the exact reason without doing multiple tests - please troubleshoot them one by one as listed below.

Before we start troubleshooting, please always ensure you are using the latest version of Exodus. You can find the upgrade instructions here:

Also, please make sure you have written down / printed the 12-word seed phrase on a piece of paper. If you lose them, your Exodus with all the funds will be lost forever and it will be impossible to recover it.

Steps to fix connection problems on Windows:

1 - The Good Old Reboot

A reboot of the computer and internet modem/router can do wonders. It gives your computer and Exodus a new slate to connect from. Often times, a reboot is all that is required to fix a connection issue.

2 - Checking your Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and Firewall

It is possible that your security software is blocking Exodus for some reason. Please check if any of the security apps are blocking connections To and From Exodus. Different apps have different ways to whitelist an app, please refer to the manual for clear instructions.

Do reach out to us if you need help doing this.

3 - Flush your DNS

DNS is a service which resolves the IP addresses of any domain name you are trying to visit. If the DNS is not up-to-date it can cause errors. Use this video guide to flush DNS on your computer, this will help it force-update:

Reboot the computer and internet modem/router before you try connecting again post this step.

4 - Use another DNS

Using OpenDNS can help bypass network issues. Here is a full guide of using OpenDNS:

5 - Use a VPN, or stop using one.

If you are using a VPN already, it is worth trying to connect without one. If you are not using one, try using a VPN and connect from another country - connecting from Switzerland is good as they have the most restriction-free internet access.

Please ensure to check if VPN usage is allowed as per your local laws.

6 - Use a different connection

It is possible that the internet connection you are using is restricting some IPs and hence Exodus cannot connect properly. In such cases, using another connection is worth trying. A mobile hotspot, another broadband or WiFi connection etc. can be tried.

Tried everything above, nothing works!

If all of the above steps do not fix the problem, it is possible that your Windows Network Stack is corrupt causing these issues.

Here is the official guide of troubleshooting a corrupt Windows Network Stack:

That did not fix the issue? Unfortunately, this is a Windows issue and hence we are unable to assist further.

You can try using another computer by moving your Exodus wallet to another computer:

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