Why are some asset pairings not available for exchange?

You will sometimes find an asset pairing unavailable for exchange in Exodus. This means that exchange from one specific asset (A) to another specific asset (B) is not possible even though both A and B are available for exchange with other assets.

Here is why:
Exodus uses multiple exchange partners in order to cover a wide and reliable range of exchangeable assets. However, not all assets are available all the time with all partners.

If an asset becomes unavailable with one partner, we move the asset to be serviced by another partner. While this ensures higher asset uptime, if the other exchange partner does not support every asset Exodus supports, certain asset pairs can become unavailable for exchange.

Example: Gnosis (GNO) is only supported by exchange partner A and Polymath (POLY) is only supported by exchange partner B - in this situation, one cannot exchange Gnosis (GNO) to Polymath (POLY). A message explaining the situation will be shown to you inside Exodus.

This is a separate issue from an asset being completely unavailable for exchange, however. Here is an explainer as to why certain assets may not be available for exchange at all: https://support.exodus.io/article/205-why-is-my-asset-unavailable-for-exchange

We understand this might be frustrating, however, please be assured that we are working with our exchange partners to rectify such situations as quickly as possible. You can always do a two-step exchange if the timing is an issue.

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