How do I delete my wallet and start over?

For safety reasons, the keys to your Exodus wallet are stored in a location on your computer that is separate from the wallet program's data. This design decision allows users to upgrade easily and makes it difficult for new users to accidentally remove those important files from their computer.

Why would you want to delete and start over?

There are several reasons why you may want to delete your wallet from your computer, or why the Exodus Support Team would advise you to do that: 

  • You already have your wallet restored on a new computer
  • Your wallet doesn't open anymore and all attempts to update it have failed 
  • Your wallet was compromised and you want to start over with new private keys and a new set of 12 words for security reasons

If you would like to uninstall Exodus, or erase your wallet and start over, please follow the steps outlined below for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Before you start, please make sure that you either:

  • Have your 12 words at hand
  • Sent all of your assets out of your wallet to a new one
Locate the data folder containing your digital asset keys and wallet data on your computer. The data directory is located in different places depending on if you are on a PC, Mac or Linux.
  • Mac: Open the Exodus menu and follow this path: Developer > Data Folder > Open Data Folder
    • Alternatively, you can also get here by opening finder and pressing Command + Shift + G. Copy and Paste this into the Go To Folder text field: ~/Library/Application Support/Exodus
  • Windows: You can also access the folder from the Exodus wallet by opening the developer menu and following this path: Developer > Data Folder > Open Data Folder. Alternatively, you can follow the path C: > Users > YOUR-USERNAME > AppData > Roaming > Exodus
  • Linux: home > YOUR-USERNAME > .config > Exodus. Linux users may need to show hidden files to access this folder. On most Linux platforms you can turn on hidden files by typing Control + H
Close Exodus and remove this folder. Once this folder is removed, opening Exodus should lead straight to the portfolio page, which will show zero funds.

If your goal was just to delete your wallet either because you have already restored it on a new computer or maybe because it was compromised, you can at this point uninstall/delete the Exodus application altogether.

If your goal was to restore your existing wallet or create a new wallet on the same computer, please continue with Step 3:

Download the latest version of Exodus from and open it.

If your goal was to restore your existing wallet, please navigate to the "Restore From Backup" button on your portfolio page and enter your 12 words on the following screen. How Do I Restore From My Secret 12-Word Recovery Phrase?

If your goal was to create a new wallet on the same computer, then you now have a brand new wallet. This wallet has new private keys and a new secret 12-word phrase, so if you begin to use this new wallet, be sure that you complete the backup process again. If you deleted your wallet to secure it from a hack or phishing theft, you're now secure and ready to send any remaining funds back into Exodus.

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