How do I exchange assets?

Exodus values user privacy and does not require an account. Unlike traditional exchanges or banks, Exodus does not associate any personal data with your financial transactions and you don't need our permission to do what you want with your money. 

Exchanging in Exodus means all assets remain in your control. Your assets are sent directly from your wallet and delivered directly back to your wallet - quick and easy with no counter party risk.

Exodus exchanges $1M+ USD daily with no loss of customer funds. If there is ever a problem our customer support team will personally ensure you are taken care.

Every asset in Exodus has over 70 exchange pairs to choose from. That means you can quickly exchange over 70 different assets directly for an asset of your choice - securely and privately, directly within the comfort of your wallet! It also means you can exchange your asset for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Digibyte, Augur, OmiseGo, BAT, Polymath, Zcash, SALT, Decred, Golem...well, you get the idea!

On most platforms, altcoins can only be traded for major assets like BTC or ETH. Hence, if you wanted to exchange Zcash for Augur on an online exchange, you would need to do ZEC > BTC > REP whereas, in Exodus, you can do ZEC > REP directly.

That is awesome, please tell me how do I exchange?

Click on the Exchange tab in the left hand column of your wallet

Select the assets you want to swap for one another. Pick the asset you want to exchange from the drop-down menu on the left side of the exchange window and pick the asset you wish to receive from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the exchange window.

You can even search the asset you want by entering the asset name or ticker symbol.

Enter the amount you wish to exchange. You can automatically populate an amount to be exchanged by clicking ALL, HALF, MIN. You can also specify the exact amount you wish to exchange or receive by entering the values yourself. You can even enter the amount in your local currency

Click  Exchange if you are satisfied with the exchange rate displayed. These are live rates, so if you don't like a rate you see after hitting EXCHANGE, you are given a 3-second window to cancel the exchange before the funds leave your wallet - just in case your finger slipped. If everything looks good, the asset will be sent directly from your wallet to be exchanged and your exchanged asset will be delivered back to your wallet. 

Most exchanges will complete in under 30 minutes. Once the exchange has been initiated, there is nothing more to do on your end. You are free to close Exodus during this time if you wish. The next time you open your wallet, your exchanged asset will be there waiting for you. If you run into any issues or have a question about your exchange, please contact us right away.