How to recover Mainnet VeChain (VET) sent to ERC20 Address

The VeChain (VET) Mainnet was launched on 30th June 2018 and some exchanges like Binance are already live with VET trading pairs.

This guide will help you recover your VeChain (VET) Mainnet tokens if you accidentally sent them to your Exodus VeChain (VEN) ERC20 address instead of sending them to a VeChain (VET) wallet address.

VET is the new abbreviation of VeChain Mainnet tokens and VEN is the abbreviation of old ERC20 VeChain tokens. Exodus currently does not support storing VeChain (VET) Mainnet tokens.

Recovering VET that was sent to your VEN address requires some additional work since the funds are on the VET chain and we need to access them using a wallet that supports VET.

If any of the below steps are not clear or they seem very complicated, please do not hesitate to write to us and we will be happy to assist further.

The steps involved in recovering your VET:

  1. Since this process involves exposing your private keys, you must change the 12-words of your wallet. The private keys are considered compromised once exposed in plain text. The step-by-step process is available here:

    Please ensure that you send out Ethereum (ETH) last since you will need Ethereum (ETH) to pay transaction fees for moving any ERC20 assets you might have in the wallet.

    Another thing to note: If you hold unsupported ERC20 tokens, you will need to follow this guide:
  2. Export your VeChain (VEN) private key from Exodus:
    This is the same as your Exodus ETH private key.
  3. Download and Install the Desktop Wallet:
  4. Ensure you are in the `View & Send` tab
  5. Click on the `Private Key` option to access your wallet
  6. Enter your Private Key and click `Unlock`
  7. Once the wallet opens, click on the `Wallet Info` tab
  8. Scroll down to `Utilities` and click on `Generate a Keystore File`
  9. Enter a 12 character password of your choice - do not forget this password, write it down on a piece of paper
  10. Click on the `Generate Keystore File` and wait for the app to generate it for you
  11. Click on the `Download` button and save the file that is generated - this is your Keystore File
  12. Download the VeChain Thor Mobile Wallet:
  13. When you first open the app, you will be shown some terms and conditions. Accept these in order to continue.
  14. You will be asked to set a login pin. Pick a number you can remember, confirm, and continue. You will have the option to enable fingerprint verification as well.
  15. On the next screen, pick "Import a wallet"
  16. Pick the "Keystore" option. Copy and paste the contents of your Keystore file in the input box. You can open the Keystore file using a text editor such as Notepad. Copy everything starting from the first { and ending with the last }
  17. Enter your Keystore Password underneath that. Pick a wallet name, tap to accept the terms and conditions, and finally tap "Import"


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