Guide To Swap Tron (TRX) to Mainnet

Tron (TRX) migrated out of Ethereum and into its own mainnet blockchain. The swap was exclusively done on exchanges, and the deposit window for the transition closed on June 26th. 

If you still have any ERC20 TRX tokens in your Exodus Wallet, you will need a Binance account as they are the only exchange so far that is making swaps after the mainnet transition:
Medium - Tron Foundation - Guide to independence

Important: Binance is a third-party service and is not associated with Exodus. If you run into any trouble with them please reach out to their support desk:

In order to swap your ERC20 TRX tokens for mainnet TRX, you will need to send them to your ETH address on Binance, and they will swap them for you automatically. Here is the process step by step:

As you can see, your TRX (Old) on Exodus shares your ETH address. It should start with "0x" which is the Ethereum format.
Note: Mainnet TRX addresses start with "T".
Log into your Binance account and go to "Funds" and then "Balances":
Search for your ETH wallet and select "Deposit":
Binance will display an ETH Receive address for you to send Ether. It will warn you to only send ETH to this address. 99.9% of the time, sending an asset to an unspecified address results in a loss of funds, this is a very unique exception:
Copy the ETH address and paste it into the "Send" details on your Exodus Tron (TRX) wallet:
Select "All" so your entire TRX balance is added to the transaction, in this example, I'm sending 150 TRX tokens to Binance. When you are ready, hit " Send".

Note: Because this is an ERC20 token transaction, you will need some Ether (ETH) to pay for the transaction fees. About 0.01 ETH should be more than enough.

You will be able to confirm that Binance detected the TRX deposit on your "Deposit History":
After 19 blockchain confirmations, Binance will credit your deposit with the same amount of Mainnet TRX tokens in you Binance TRX Wallet:
Now you can send these Mainnet TRX tokens back to your Exodus wallet, just remember to send them to the mainnet address, which should start with "T".

Download the Exodus Tron wallet to experience TRX for yourself.

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