EOS: Managing Mainnet EOS Staking and Resources

Exodus allows you to send, receive and exchange EOS directly from inside the wallet as well as see your account details from the Advanced Drawer. What you cannot do in Exodus is manage your stake in the EOS network, vote for block producers, manage delegation of resources or buy and sell RAM.

To manage these advanced features you will need to use a 3rd party EOS mainnet wallet which is designed to do one thing manage EOS. 

There are a few popular well-known EOS Mainnet wallets that all perform similar functions. simplEOS, EOS Voter, and Scatter can be used to manage key pairs and identities, while EOS toolkit can be used to manage resources. This guide walks through managing your EOS staking and resources with simpleEOS.

Warning: All of these solutions require your EOS Mainnet private key. Once private keys are exported, there is a risk of losing funds if best security practices are not followed. Never store your private keys on your computer or in an image and never give your private keys out to untrusted sources.

ImportantSimpleEOS is a 3rd-party service, so please use best security practices like using a unique and strong password. In case you run into any trouble, reach out to the EOS-Rio team (Creators of SimpleEOS). Here is their Telegram info: https://t.me/eosrio

1. You can view your EOS public and private keys from the Exodus Developer Menu, under:
Developer > Assets > EOS > View Private Keys 

After reading the warning dialog click "Yes, I'm sure".

Here is a more detailed guide to accessing your private keys: https://support.exodus.io/article/86-how-can-i-view-my-private-keys

2. You can verify the public key from the simpleEOS menu (This step is optional) Then click "Import Existing Key".

3. Add your Active Private Key and complete the next for steps in the setup menu.

4. Once you have logged in the staking panel is the top right panel in the "Vote" section. Use the slider to set the amount of your EOS you would like staked. This change will take effect 72hrs after the action of staking or unstaking.

5. To manage your resources, select the 'Resources' tab from the sidebar. It's in this panel you can delegate and stake resources for the items you see in the Exodus Advanced Drawer.

If you have moved staked funds into Exodus with the "Move Funds (WIF)" option in the developer menu, you can use the same private key you used for moving the funds and open a simpleEOS wallet to unstake the remaining EOS. Once the EOS become available, you can send them directly from one wallet to another.

If you have any questions about the Advanced Drawer please see this article for detailed explanations of each item.   https://support.exodus.io/article/892-eos-advanced-drawer