Why do I get a "Rescan Error"?

When Exodus is having trouble connecting to a blockchain network, you might see an error message inside the wallet.

For each asset, your balance and history of transactions are recorded on a blockchain, which is like a giant database that keeps track of all transactions and balances. In order to send funds, Exodus communicates with the blockchain network, and the blockchain is updated to include your transaction.

Therefore, when Exodus is having trouble connecting to the blockchain networks, you may see incorrect balances and missing transactions, and Exodus may be unable to send funds. Your funds are safe, it's just that Exodus is unable to retrieve the most up-to-date information from the blockchain network.

Exodus relies on different services to communicate with the blockchain networks, and rescan errors can result from temporary outages with these services. Therefore, these issues might only affect a single asset.

However, rescan errors may also be caused by more general connection problems that you can try to troubleshoot. Here are some steps to try:

Restart your computer and internet connection/modem. This will give Exodus a fresh slate to connect from.
Upgrade Exodus to the latest version: How do I upgrade Exodus?
Do you have a different internet connection you could try connecting to? A phone's hotspot is a nice  and easy way to try that.

There are a few more things to keep in mind:

If you're using a corporate or public internet connection, these networks sometimes block the ports that Exodus uses to connect to the blockchain.
Antivirus software, VPNs, or system security and firewall settings will sometimes block Exodus from connecting correctly. A VPN may also help Exodus connect correctly.
If you're using a company computer, there could be restrictions in place that would prevent Exodus from connecting.
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