Why can't I deposit assets that switched to mainnet?

All coins in the Ethereum Assets section of your wallet are transacted and held on the Ethereum blockchain using a protocol referred to as ERC20. You can read more about the ERC20 tokens here and about the Ethereum Assets section in Exodus here.

However, some projects that were offering their product as Ethereum Assets were only doing so temporarily to raise funds for the production of their own blockchains. This means that once they completed building their blockchain, they began to issue assets that are transacted on these new blockchains and do not operate on the Ethereum network anymore. 

We always recommend swapping your Ethereum Assets tokens to their new Mainnet and it is important to keep in mind that each asset's team will designate its own method for exchanging Ethereum Assets tokens to Mainnet assets.

For this reason, once a Mainnet is launched we will disable all deposits of a coin into your Exodus wallet. This is to encourage you to move your assets out and swap them for their Mainnet versions.

This is also most likely why you will be unable to send your asset from an Exchange to Exodus or from Exodus to an Exchange. You are either:

  • Trying to send an Ethereum Asset from Exodus to an Exchange or wallet address for the Mainnet version of this asset.
  • Trying to send a Mainnet version of this asset to your Exodus Ethereum Asset wallet.

Please check with your asset's customer support team and their social media channels to confirm the method for how you can swap your Ethereum Assets to Mainnet assets as well as a recommended wallet to store these new assets.

Exodus does not plan on supporting any Mainnet version of Ethereum Assets right after migration. We prefer to wait and see before adding a new blockchain asset to Exodus. This is to ensure that if we add an asset to your Exodus wallet that it is stable, works just like every other asset, and meets our other listing criteria you can find here: https://support.exodus.io/article/12-will-exodus-support-more-assets

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