Does Exodus have advanced export options?

For advanced users Exodus has a number of features to export addresses, private keys, XPubs and transactions. These are accessed through the Developer menu. Instructions on how to open the developer menu as well as what each item does is defined below:

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Note: Starting with version 1.39.3, addresses, transaction history and Exodus Exchange orders are included in the Safe report

Export Addresses

The Export Address feature will export all of your public asset addresses and their corresponding balances into a text file on your desktop. This lets you audit and confirm your full balance on the public blockchain.

Export Private Keys

The Export Private Keys feature will export all of your private keys into a text file on your desktop.  PLEASE USE THIS WITH CAUTION AS THESE PRIVATE KEYS GIVE ANYONE WHO SEES THEM 100% ACCESS TO YOUR ASSETS.

Export XPub

The Export XPub feature is useful for very advanced users to watch a series of addresses.

Move Funds (WIF)…

The Move Funds (WIF) feature is used to move funds from a paper wallet or other private key into Exodus. Using this feature Exodus allows you to create a transaction and send the funds to your Exodus wallet.

Export Transactions

The Export Transactions feature will export a text file of all of your transactions for a certain asset into a text file on your desktop. This text file can then be imported into a spreadsheet to review your entire transaction history.