EOS: Claiming your EOS with simplEOS

Using simplEOS, an EOS Mainnet wallet created by block producer EOS Rio, you can easily import your EOS Mainnet private keys to claim your EOS Mainnet tokens.

This solution requires you to export your EOS Mainnet private key from Exodus. Please use best security practices whenever private keys are exported/viewed from the wallet.

This guide requires you to use the latest version of Exodus, hence, please upgrade using these instructions: https://support.exodus.io/article/27-how-do-i-upgrade-exodus

1.  VIEW your EOS Mainnet private key from the Exodus Developer Menu (Win & Linux press CRTL+SHIFT+D)

2. A new window with your private keys will be shown to you. Copy your private key.

3. You can find and download the SimplEOS wallet from EOS Rio here: 

From the SimplEOS welcome screen, click "Import Existing Key"

Note: This does not import your wallet from Exodus, only opens up a dialogue to enter your EOS Mainnet Private Key.4.  Paste your EOS Private Key into the SimplEOS dialogue box.

5.  Create a password for your wallet.

6.  Read the EOS Constitution and opt-in if you agree with the terms.7. And you're done. You've successfully created an EOS Mainnet wallet using your EOS private keys from Exodus.

7. Create a PIN for your Lockscreen (Optional)

SimplEOS is a 3rd party wallet created by EOS Block Producer EOS Rio. Exodus has no affiliation with EOSRio and provides no warranties to its use. 

If you want to learn how to manage your Mainnet EOS tokens from here, please read this next guide: https://support.exodus.io/article/777-managing-mainnet-eos