Why are my ERC20 EOS tokens frozen?

As of Oct. 25, 2018, EOS Mainnet is available in Exodus version 1.63.0. Please upgrade your wallet to our latest version!

You may notice 2 EOS wallets in Exodus and both will have a balance. The OLD EOS wallet's balance is merely a placeholder for the new EOS wallet and the tokens in the old EOS wallet have already been migrated to the new EOS wallet. Your new EOS mainnet wallet should show the same amount of tokens.

Why can I not move the Old ERC20 EOS tokens to my new EOS wallet?

In early June of 2018, the EOS platform began its transition from an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain to the EOS Mainnet, which is its own blockchain with a separate set of coins. 

The ERC20 EOS tokens held by Exodus users have always been intended to serve as placeholder tokens and are not "real" EOS in and of themselves. These tokens represent an equal stake in Mainnet EOS coins, and your slice of the EOS Mainnet pie was solidified through the Registration process.

This effectively means that all ERC20 EOS tokens held after June 2nd of 2018 are no longer transferable and have no value.

Regardless if you registered your EOS address before June 2nd 2018 or not and, if you qualified for the fallback method or you were left without the option to claim your EOS, your Exodus has you covered.

Registered: If you registered your EOS ERC20 address before June 2nd, 2018 your EOS account name will be automatically available in Exodus once you upgrade.

Fallback Registration: If you did not register but qualified for the EOS fallback method, your EOS account will be automatically created and available in your wallet after upgrading.

Unregistered and did not qualify for fallback: Your EOS ERC20 address will be used to automatically create an account name tied to your EOS Mainnet private keys and your EOS account name will be automatically created and available after you upgrade your wallet.

This all will happen inside the wallet without risking your Private Keys to an untrusted 3rd party for account creation. You only need to upgrade the wallet and enable EOS inside your wallet.

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