How do I move my assets out and leave Exodus?

This is a quick tutorial to help you move all your assets to a Jaxx Wallet. The same concept can be used to move your funds to any other HD wallet that supports a 'seed phrase' restore process.

Users should be aware that the Jaxx wallet is unaffiliated with Exodus. We cannot speak or vouch for their security practices. 

First, be sure you have your Exodus secret 12-word phrase. If you don't have this, click on the Backup tab and then on the View Recovery Phrase button.

Download Jaxx Wallet

1. Install and launch Jaxx Wallet

2. Click on the CONTINUE button on the release note

3. Accept the license agreement clicking on the ACCEPT button

4. Select Pair/Restore Wallet and click on the CONTINUE button

5. Type the Exodus 12-word phrase in order and with one single space between each word and click on the NEXT button

6. Select Express Wallet settings

7. Select all the wallets you'd like to activate and click on the TAKE ME TO MY WALLET button

Check if all your assets were restored successfully and follow the steps below to delete your Exodus wallet from your computer. Do not delete your Exodus wallet folder until you have confirmed that all your balances show correctly on Jaxx.

Finally, you have to uninstall Exodus from your system and remove the following folder containing your digital asset keys and wallet data on your computer. The process and data directory are different depending on if you are on a PC, Mac or Linux.


  • Delete Exodus from the Applications folder and empty the Trash to uninstall the software
  • Then delete the wallet folder:  ~/Library/Application Support/Exodus


  • Uninstall Exodus from Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features
  • C:\Users\<YOUR-USERNAME>\appdata\roaming\exodus  **

** Windows users may need to show hidden files to access this folder.

Linux: home > YOUR-USERNAME > .config > Exodus

Linux users may need to show hidden files to access this folder. On most Linux platforms you can turn on hidden files by typing Control + h.

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