Why can't I exchange anything in Exodus?

In certain areas of the world, regulations are in place that prevent our exchange partners from legally serving customers in those regions. In an effort to keep more clearly in line with those regulations, our exchange partners have taken additional measures that prohibit customers in those regions from making exchanges in Exodus.

When this happens, you'll see an error like this:

Where does this happen? Most notably Iran, North Korea, and the States of New York and Washington in the USA. 

How do you/they know where I am geographically located? Exodus does not track your IP address; However, our exchange partner does filter traffic based on the originating public IP addresses of Exodus clients when they make an exchange with our exchange partner. 

Is my IP address being logged? Although Exodus does not log anyone's IP addresses, it is safe to assume that your IP address is being logged whenever you use the internet in general.

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