Why are certain assets no longer available for exchange in Exodus?

As you may know, countries all around the world have begun to further define policies and regulations around crypto assets to integrate them into the existing financial regulatory structure. 

Due to new financial and legal laws defining some crypto assets like securities and preventing them from being exchanged, our exchange partners will be taking the initiative to remove any potentially affected assets, disabling them for certain regions. 

What this means is that the exchange availability of certain assets will depend on how your local jurisdiction classifies them.

As of 30 May 2018, the following assets are affected: 


Countries where these assets are unavailable: 

United States of America

As a result, these assets will become unavailable for exchange within Exodus customers within the specified regions.

This change does not prevent you from storing, sending or receiving crypto assets in Exodus and only affects the built-in exchange feature. You will still have 100% control over your assets since you control your private keys. 

We will continue to release updates on this as new information is made available. We're happy to help with any other questions you may have at 'support@exodus.io'.