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Many of you, the hardcore crypto enthusiasts, have contacted our Support team via email, Slack, and Twitter and have spoken with passion, advocating for the addition of more Ethereum Assets (also known as ERC20 Tokens) to the Exodus wallet.  We have listened and are excited to unveil a solution for storing, sending and receiving your favorite Ethereum Assets right from your Exodus wallet, without exporting and risking your private keys!

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Accessing the "Ethereum Assets" Section

As of Exodus version 1.45.0, many of the top Ethereum Assets are now available through the "Ethereum Assets" Section, under the "Assets" tab, inside the Settings section. This section is accessed by clicking on Settings, then Assets, then scrolling to the bottom where you'll find the Ethereum Assets section.

How Do I Add These New Ethereum Assets to My Wallet?

You can Show or Hide any of the Ethereum Assets like any other asset in your Exodus wallet. Simply select the asset you would like to turn on by clicking the circle beneath the asset. Once enabled, a corresponding wallet will appear for each asset in your "Wallets" tab. Use these wallets to send and receive your favorite Ethereum Assets as you would normally.

Pro Tip: Your receive address is the same for Ethereum and all Ethereum Assets (ERC20). This is because Ethereum and all Ethereum Assets use the same address on the Ethereum network to move and manage these assets.

Do I Need to Have Ethereum In Exodus To Send My Ethereum Assets?

Yes! You need to have a small amount of Ethereum in your ETH wallet to send any of these Ethereum Assets. We recommend at least 0.01 ETH.

Technical Info: Ethereum Assets move along the Ethereum network like cars on a highway. Your Ethereum address hosts these tokens to send and receive them through Ethereum transactions. Just like the cars on the highway, any outgoing transaction needs gas (the miner's fee) and this gas is paid in ETH. For a detailed article on what Ethereum Assets are and how they function, please refer to What Is An ERC-20 Token?

Can I Exchange All These New Ethereum Assets?

Exodus provides this feature to safely store and manage your Ethereum Assets within Exodus. However, Exodus does not support exchanging these Ethereum Assets for other assets within your wallet. This is why you will NOT see the option to exchange these extra Ethereum Assets in the "Exchange" menu in your wallet. 

This is the case for all the assets under the "Ethereum Assets" section. All the other assets above this section are fully supported in both the wallet and exchange and can be exchanged for any other asset, as usual.

If you wish to exchange these extra Ethereum Assets, you will need to send them to a central exchange. You can easily find which exchanges support each asset by following the instructions in this guide.

I Don't See My Favorite Ethereum Asset In The List!

While this new feature will allow you to send and receive a vast majority of Ethereum Assets, we do not (yet) have a feature to add assets that are missing from this menu. We plan on adding an "Add Custom Asset" feature in the future to allow you to add any of your favorite missing Ethereum Assets. In the meantime, if you do not see an asset listed in this menu, please refer to our guide on sending and receiving unsupported ERC-20 tokens.

Download the Exodus Ethereum wallet to experience ETH and all the ERC20 tokens inside of Exodus for yourself.

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