How do I change the pricing feed?

The pricing feed relays the fiat value estimation of each individual blockchain asset based on an average of their current exchange value on the global market. Exodus also uses such API systems to estimate your overall portfolio value. While Exodus has traditionally used public APIs as a default in the wallet, we also have our own Price Feed API system that draws data from multiple markets around the world. 

Depending on which exchanges and markets are considered for this estimation, minor discrepancies could occur between one Pricing API and another. If the prices you are seeing in Exodus are different from prices for the same asset given elsewhere, it is because Exodus is using a different pricing feed compared to the other source.

If you take a look at different Bitcoin Markets you will notice the price can vary a lot from one market to another. 

Exodus draws pricing data from by default, but we allow users to change their pricing data between Cryptocompare and our own "Exodus Pricing Server".

This can be done by accessing the Developer Menu and selecting Developer > Prices (Preferred) > Crypto Compare or Exodus Pricing Server

You can change the Fiat Localization of your wallet in order to match your local currency.

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