How do I access my wallet if I forget my password?

If you forget your Exodus password, not to worry! Remember the 12-word recovery phrase you stashed in your secure and super-secret location? Well here's where it will come in handy! 

Open Exodus and click Restore to regain access using your 12-word recovery phrase. 

Exodus login window

12-word recovery phrase entry field
When you enter your recovery phrase, you'll need to double-check a few things to make sure they are parsed correctly by Exodus. 

Make sure you're entering the words:
  • In sequence from 1 to 12, without the numbers
  • In all lower case letters
  • Spelled correctly. Misspelled words will be highlighted in red.

If you are installing Exodus on a new computer, please refer to this article: How do I restore from my 12-word phrase?

Don't forget to keep your recovery phrase somewhere safe and never share them with anybody! Anyone with your 12-word phrase can access your funds. 

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