How do I reset my password?

Security note

If you want to reset your password because you feel your old password and email have been compromised, you will need to create a new wallet.

If you forgot your password, you'll need to restore from your 12-word phrase to access your wallet.

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If you want to change your password, you need to log into Exodus with your current password.

Open Exodus and enter your password.
Click the Settings icon in the top right-hand corner of your Exodus wallet.

Click on the Backup tab then Reset Password.

Exodus will confirm you want to reset the password, click Continue.

For your security Exodus will ask you to type your current password again. Once typed in, click Unlock Now.

The password and backup section will now be reset. You will then be taken through the backup process again, this time type in a new password and click Next.

Confirm your new password by typing it in again. Then click Next.

Now you will see your 12 word secret phrase again. This is a good time to double-check you have secured your secret phrase and confirm it is correct. Once checked, click Next.

Finally, confirm you have correctly backed up your 12 word secret phase by picking the correct word, then click Finish.

And that is it! You have now successfully changed your Exodus wallet's password.


If you want to change your passcode, you need to log into Exodus with your current passcode.

Open Exodus and enter your passcode.
Open your Profile by tapping the person silhouette icon in the lower right corner of your screen. Then tap Security.

Now toggle off Secure With a Passcode.

Exodus will now ask you to enter your current passcode to Disable Security. Tap Remove Passcode and enter your current passcode.
Once you have removed your current passcode, you can tap on Secure With a Passcode again and create your new passcode.

And that is it! You have now successfully changed your Exodus mobile wallet's passcode.

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