Is there a mobile version of Exodus? (iPhone, iPad or Android)

Important: Please note that until we have confirmed the release of a mobile application, you should be extremely suspicious of any mobile wallet claiming to be Exodus. Do not give your 12-word phrase or private keys to any mobile wallet posing as Exodus as it more than likely someone trying to steal your funds.

Today Exodus is desktop only. The future roadmap will expand Exodus to other platforms including a mobile experience on both Apple iOS and Android. We are excited about the possibilities and we know it will expand our market reach.

However, most users managing or exchanging large quantities of assets still prefer to handle these transactions on the desktop. Although a mobile wallet is convenient, the majority of exchange volume happens through a desktop interface. Because exchanges and portfolio management are a major focus for Exodus, the desktop experience remains a priority.

The Exodus desktop experience also lends itself to future unique security options like hardware solutions for secure key signing and 2-factor-authentication. These security solutions attract more security conscious users and will give Exodus additional trust to secure, manage and exchange asset portfolios with a larger value.

On August 31, 2016, Apple made an announcement certain blockchain assets were not allowed on the Apple App Store. This creates a tough strategy for iPhone development today as Exodus feels the whims of Appleā€™s walled garden would jeopardize our investment into the mobile space. Although Exodus could produce an Android-only option, we believe with high-level design and UI/UX the iPhone is a major player in the Exodus experience.

We believe a mobile version of Exodus is inevitable, however, we are preferring to stand back and let market conditions shake out. Long-story-short, mobile is on the horizon. As more and more users experience the Exodus brand, the trust will grow and migrating to a mobile option is a natural path. Exodus has proven we can deliver best of class application development and user experience. When the time comes we are looking forward to delivering this same experience on mobile devices.