How do I backup my Exodus wallet?

Backing up your wallet is the most important step you can take to secure the future security of your blockchain assets stored in Exodus.

It's exciting and you only need to do it one time! Backing up your wallet 
ensures you can have access to your funds no matter what, as long as you keep the information private and safe! 

Exodus allows you to try it before needing a backup. We believe there's no reason for you to go through unnecessary steps to write down information for a wallet that you may not even want to use in the end. Once you decide Exodus is the right choice for you and you make the first deposit, for whichever amount and asset you wish, the option to make a backup is presented with a red exclamation mark. 
As you will see, the process is straightforward and simple.

Before you backup, make sure you are in a private location, such as your home. Do not go through this process in a location where there is a chance someone can see your screen. And do not do it over public wifi.

To back up your wallet, click the Backup tab.

Step 1. Create a strong, unique, super secret password. Enter it in the text box and click "NEXT"

Tip: We recommend using a password manager to create your password. The best password you can have is a random password and a password manager can generate one for you

If you decide to create it yourself, make sure it's not the same or similar to any other password you have ever used!

Step 2. Re-enter the password and click "NEXT"

Tip: If you lose or forget your password, no one can recover or reset it for you. This is another advantage the password manager has: it remembers the password so you don't have to. If you created the password yourself, this is the time to test if you remember it.

Step 3. Your 12-word recovery phrase is displayed. Write the words down in the correct order and put them in a secure place where only you have access.  

Tip: Your unique 12 words are essentially the keys to your Kingdom. They are your master seed that generates all the addresses and private keys your wallet uses. 

For this reason do not store them in any digital format: screenshot, a picture on your phone, a document on your computer or on a USB drive, in your email, on the cloud, Dropbox etc. Hackers can get to them in that way, but they can't access an old-fashioned piece of paper!

Step 4. Choose if you would like Exodus to generate an email backup link or not.

Tip: Click "YES" only if you used a random password and have enabled 2FA on your email account. If you created the password yourself, do not have 2FA set up or do not know what 2FA is, click "NO". 

Step 5a. Confirm the words on your paper backup. (This step appears only if you clicked "NO" in Step 4)

Tip: This is done to ensure you have written down or printed your 12 words. Without them you will lose your funds if something happens to your computer or if you lose your password.

Step 5b. Add an email address to receive your email backup. Exodus will send an email with an encrypted recovery link that along with Exodus password can be used to restore your wallet. (This step appears only if you clicked "YES" in Step 4)

Tip: Because the Backup Link with your password give full access to your wallet, use this option only if your email account is protected with 2FA and your Exodus password unique. 

Remember: Your backup information (12 words, password, backup link) is private! Don't share it with anyone! Keep it secret, keep it safe!

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