What is a Blockchain Asset?

Blockchain assets are a type of digital asset or cryptocurrency, and sometimes represent stakes in a particular project or company. Others are intended solely as currencies, Bitcoin for example, and do not represent a stake in a particular organization. However, unlike traditional assets, blockchain assets are digital, owned solely by you, and are immediately transferable, at any time, to any person.

With traditional assets, like Apple stock, most people only hold rights on paper but do not actually hold the asset. In order to transfer or sell this asset, it has to be done for you by a third party. The Exodus wallet holds your keys to your assets safely offline, encrypted on your computer's hard drive.

This means that we at Exodus can't lose, misappropriate, or have access to the details of your portfolio. And if our company, for some reason, dissolved suddenly, all Exodus wallets would continue to work on the computers they're installed on. Even if something caused the wallets to fail to work properly, your private keys would still be accessible to you, so you could easily reclaim your assets with a different wallet service like Jaxx.

Unlike a traditional exchange, bank, or broker, we do not hold any of our customer's funds at any point. Exodus makes money primarily through our partnership with exchange partners, read more about it here: http://support.exodus.io/article/90-how-does-exodus-make-money