What is Exodus?

Exodus is software to secure, manage and trade blockchain assets.

Those familiar with traditional finance can think of Exodus as a self-managed brokerage account for a new class of investments called blockchain assets, digital assets, or cryptocurrency.

Just as the internet opened the free exchange of information, blockchains evolve the exchange of financial assets. Traditional brokerage accounts have a slow settlement with limited hours in established jurisdictions. In contrast, blockchain markets are hyper-speed-24/7-worldwide markets available to anyone, any age, anywhere. Exodus allows you to participate in these new global markets from any computer running Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Similar to a traditional stock market, there are thousands of distinct blockchain assets. Bitcoin was the first blockchain asset - other popular blockchain assets include Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash. Just like traditional stock, each blockchain asset carries unique properties and is priced by markets independently. These blockchain assets inherently have different utility, areas of focus, values, beliefs and overall culture backing the asset.