How do I change my secret phrase? (create a new wallet)

If you suspect that your secret phrase, backup link, or password have been compromised, it is best to be cautious and move your funds to a fresh Exodus wallet that has a different secret phrase.

This is a summary of the steps you need to take:

Before we get into the detailed steps, make sure you have a backup of the wallet you will be deleting and replacing, just in case you need to revert back at some point. You should have your 12-word secret phrase. If you do not have it, please complete the backup process now.

Once you have completed the backup process, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Move your funds to a temporary wallet

Option A: Exodus on a different computer as your temporary wallet

If you have access to another computer you trust, this is an easy way to move your funds over to a brand new Exodus wallet.

Make sure you have your current 12-word secret phrase written down. Double check that there are no spelling errors and that the 12 words are in the correct order.
Download Exodus and install it on the other computer. We will call this wallet ‘temp wallet’.

The most recent version of Exodus can be found here:
This will be a temporary wallet to store your funds while you delete the old wallet and files from your primary computer.

Open the Exodus temp wallet, and restore your assets into the temp wallet using your 12-word secret phrase: How do I restore from my 12-word phrase
Option B: An Exodus on a different user account on the same computer as your temporary wallet

This is a great option if you do not have access to another computer. It ensures that all your assets will be supported, but it might not be the simplest one to implement. For this option, you will need to create another user account on the same computer and download Exodus there.

Please follow these instructions to create a new user account on your computer: How do I create multiple accounts or users on my computer?
Once you’ve created an additional user account on your computer, launch Exodus on that account and restore your funds to that temp wallet using your secret 12-word phrase: How do I restore from my 12-word phrase

Step 2: Delete your current Exodus wallet files and create a new wallet with a different secret phrase

When you have confirmed that your funds have arrived at your temporary wallet(s), please follow these instructions to completely delete Exodus and reinstall it from scratch. Then, open Exodus. You now have a brand new wallet!

Note: Please make sure that you do not enter your old 12-word secret phrase into the new Exodus wallet.

Step 3: Send your funds back to your new wallet

Send your assets from the temporary wallet you created in step 1 back to your new Exodus wallet. Or if you sent them to a different destination such as an exchange you can send them back as well.

Once again, please keep in mind that these transactions will have transaction fees and you will need ETH to send out any ERC20 tokens to pay for these fees so make sure you send Ethereum last. Without Ethereum in the wallet, you will not be able to send ERC20-tokens.

Once your first deposit has arrived you will be able to back up your new Exodus wallet.
This will give you a new 12-word secret phrase. During that process, you'll create a new password as well.

And that's it! You should now have your funds in a fresh Exodus wallet with a new 12-word secret phrase. Make sure you keep your backup information somewhere safe and don't share them with anyone you don't trust 100%!
The process is a little complex, so please reach out to our support team if you have any questions or concerns along the way.

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