How does Exodus handle exchange issues?

At Exodus, we are committed to delivering a reliable, consistent exchange experience - not just when things go right, but also when they go wrong. 

If you’ve used our exchange before, you’ve most likely become accustomed to a seamless, quick transaction, which can make it even more alarming if things don’t go this way. Luckily, our dedicated support team at Exodus is always on standby to make sure the resolution process is just as quick and seamless.

How to Handle a Troublesome Exchange?

In most instances, the exchange may just need a bit more time than usual to complete. While our exchange process normally lasts just a few minutes, exchange times of up to four hours are considered normal especially for exchanges where Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is involved. Be sure to also check your outbound transaction to make sure it has been confirmed, as your exchange won’t occur until our exchange partner has received the funds that you sent for the exchange. You can do this by viewing the transaction ID for your deposit on the blockchain.

If after a bit of patience your issue is not resolved, we make it simple to reach out and let us know. This Knowledge Base article provides detailed instructions on how to quickly contact us from within Exodus. Alternatively, you can send us an email directly at or join our Slack channel.

Whichever method you choose to submit your ticket through, just be sure to include your Exchange Order ID. This is an essential piece of information that allows us to view and track down your specific transaction. For faster processing, please include this in text form rather than a screenshot.

Once we receive your request, a member of our 24/7 support team will be in touch as soon as humanly possible. 

In some cases, we’ll be able to provide a quick resolution in the form of a transaction ID or an explanation of the delay. In situations where the issue is a bit more complicated, your Exodus Support Engineer will create a ticket with the respective exchange partner through whom your exchange went through, and provide a confirmation to you in a follow-up email. From there, our team will monitor the ticket and act as a liaison between you and the exchange partner, ensuring your issue is resolved promptly and correctly. To ensure consistent and effective communication, you can expect to receive the following status updates on your case:

Initial Contact 

This is the point at which we will provide confirmation that a member of our team has contacted the exchange partner on your behalf. We will provide you with an overview of how things will move going forward. From this point on, you can rest easy, your Engineer is following your specific case to make sure things are made right.


In some cases, we will receive an update that your funds are queued to be sent. This means that the exchange partner has researched the ticket and verified the issue, and we’re simply waiting on their system to reissue the funds. Usually, this is done within 24 hours, but can occasionally stretch a bit longer depending on the support load on their side. We’ll continue monitoring your transaction so that we can update you as soon as a resolution is reached.


At this stage, we will provide you with the transaction ID for your sent or refunded transaction from our exchange partner. While in most cases you’ll see the funds before we can finish typing our email, we’ll also provide instructions on refreshing your wallet in case they are still absent.

Once you’ve verified the receipt of your funds, let your support engineer know so we can mark your ticket resolved. If something’s still not right, we are always available to take a deeper look!