Why is my asset unavailable for exchange?

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to see rapid growth in both user adoption and transaction volume, we may need to take assets offline for a period of time to perform maintenance on the wallet. When this happens, you’ll see the asset listed as temporarily unavailable within the Exodus exchange section of the wallet.

In most instances, this downtime will only last a few hours. However, there are some cases in which an asset may be down for an extended period of time. In addition, if we receive reports of delays or congestion with asset networks, we may disable an exchange within Exodus, even if it is available directly through other exchange providers. This is done to reduce any occurrences of failed exchanges, and to ensure a reliable experience.

For the most up to date information on assets within Exodus, we recommend you check our status page: www.exodus.io/status/

It is important to note that while the exchange feature may be temporarily unavailable, this does not affect your ability to send and receive assets. You can always move your assets to any other wallet by clicking the “Send” tab, and entering your destination address. If you need help sending assets to external sources, please view our help desk article here: How do I send an asset from my wallet?

In the event the Exodus exchange is unavailable, there are other options to exchange your assets. Some options that offer similar services for Exodus supported assets are listed below. If you choose to conduct your exchange outside of Exodus, our 24/7 support team will not be able to assist with any transaction issues. We recommend you research the reason your chosen asset is offline, to ensure you won’t experience similar issues when using a different platform. 

Some alternate exchange services include:

As always, if you experience any issues with our built-in exchange feature, our 24/7 support staff is available to help. You can find us here

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