How do I claim my _______ forked coins?

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold were two major hard forks of Bitcoin which occurred on 1st August 2017 and 24 October 2017 respectively. We have 1-click tools for our customers to claim both these forked coins from within Exodus without exposing their private keys or 12-word seeds to a 3rd party claim service/tool.

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold might have been controversial at that time, but these forks are backed by large industry players and supported by a strong team of developers. 

Today, forks of every currency are seemingly out of control, with a new version coming out every second week or so. We do not see the same community support for any of these coins, Bitcoin Platinum, Bitcoin God, etc. The consensus seems to be that these assets do not add value to the ecosystem, and their developer support is often shockingly weak.

Trying to support all these forks is simply not feasible for us, and often technically impossible. This applies not only to forks of Bitcoin, but to Ethereum forks, forks of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or other assets.

We understand some of our users are less interested in long-term holding and would like to profit from these forks. The good news is Exodus users can always claim any forked coin from the past or in the future - but we generally discourage this.

If you still want to claim your forked coins, you’ll need to find a wallet that supports the forked coin, which also supports the importing of private keys.

As an example, Exodus has such a feature for the currencies we support.

Most client-side or software wallets will have such a feature. Once you find a wallet, you can view your Exodus private keys and import them into wallet supporting the fork.

You should be extremely cautious when using your private keys. Do not give them out to anyone you do not trust implicitly because they allow anyone who has them to drain your wallet of your funds. We've had a lot of customers lose their assets to scam sites or wallets that ask for private keys or 12-word phrases. 

If you’re not 110% sure you can trust the wallet you’re using to import your keys, you should probably move the original coins out of your wallet before trying to claim your forked coins and wait at least a week before moving them back in.

There isn't much we can do to help beyond this point in claiming forked coins, as it is beyond the scope of our support team. We recommend against claiming alternative forked currencies as the process inherently compromises your private keys, and in certain cases opens you up to a risk of replay attacks

If you would still like to claim the forked coins, you will need to do your own research online to find the details of how to import your private keys. You should also keep in mind that you will be doing so at your own risk, and if your funds are stolen as a result of importing your private keys into another wallet, there is nothing that can be done to retrieve them.

We would absolutely love to be able to help in every single case. Every user should be able to access their forked coins if they want to, but considering the rate at which forks are occurring, and the way they are developing, our personal assistance in such extraneous processes is just not feasible any longer.

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