How do I contact support about a failed exchange?

Starting with version 1.39.1 Exodus offers the option to file a ticket with Exodus support about a failed or delayed exchange right from the exchange tab. If an exchange hasn't gone through and you haven't received your funds after 1 hour, please try to refresh your FROM and TO wallets, in this example BTC and ETH wallets:  If that does not resolve the issue,  follow the steps below to file a ticket.

Step 1

Go to the exchange tab and click Order History tab on the lower right corner.

Step 2

Click on the problematic exchange to expand it.

Step 3

Click on the "Contact Exodus About This Exchange" button.

Note: If you are using a web-based email client it must be configured to respond to email links in order for this button to work. Here is an article on how to that:

Step 4

This will open a pre-filled email message ready to be sent to Exodus support. If you want you can add additional information that you believe our Customer Support Engineers might find useful.

It's so simple!