How do I contact Exodus Support about an exchange?

If you are having trouble with an exchange, or it is showing an error status, please don't fret! We are always here to help. 

As of version 1.39.1 Exodus offers the option to contact our support team about an exchange right from your wallet. If you are on an older version of Exodus, please start by upgrading to our latest release. 

If your exchange order hasn't completed after 1 hour, please try to refresh your wallet by clicking on the asset logo to rescan the blockchain. 

If that does not resolve the issue, follow the steps below to file a ticket.

Step by Step image guide:

Go to the Exchange tab and click the  Order History button in the lower righthand corner.
Click on the problematic exchange to expand it.
Click on the "Contact Exodus About This Exchange" button.

Note: If you are using a web-based email client it must be configured to respond to email links in order for this button to work.

Otherwise, just email us at [email protected] and include the order ID.

This will open a pre-filled email message ready to be sent to Exodus support. Feel free to include any additional information that you believe our Customer Support Engineers may find useful.
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