My Copay wallet won't let me transfer my BCH!

After the hard fork on August 1st, 2017,  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created in all its glory. However, one consequence of this fork is that we have two blockchains which have diverged, and have the exact same format of receive address. What this means is that it is easy to make a mistake and paste in your Bitcoin (BTC) receive address instead of your BCH address (and vice versa), and in some cases, lose your funds entirely! This is a problem which has been addressed in the new BitPay wallet called Copay.

From their  support article on the subject:

BitPay recently launched a public beta for Bitcoin Cash support in our Copay bitcoin wallet. To prevent users from accidentally sending Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin wallet and vice versa, BitPay is adopting a few new conventions for addresses, payment URIs, and BIP70 payment requests. We will follow these conventions in all of our software that supports the Bitcoin Cash block chain.

This is great and all, but what does it mean for Exodus users? Well, it simply means that BCH receive addresses from Exodus just won't work in Copay! Here is the message users get when they try to use an Exodus BCH address:

Copay only supports Bitcoin Cash using New Version Number Addresses

Now don't panic! This does not mean you cannot send your Bitcoin Cash into your Copay wallet. What you have to do is to translate your BCH address from Exodus into the format that Copay will understand. Here is a tool which does the conversion for you:

To use, browse to the link above, and paste in your Exodus BCH address into the "Original" field. As soon as you do, a "Translation" address appears. Merely cut and paste the resulting translation address into Copay, and you can then transfer your assets into Exodus.

Now a word of caution. Using this tool does incur a small amount of risk. For example, if the site is ever hacked, the resulting address you get back could lead to a hacker's wallet. Another possibility is that you could make a mistake and copy the resulting address wrong. In either case, we highly recommend that you test the "Translation address" with very small amounts of BCH. That way, you can be sure that if you receive the funds from your small test transaction, you can then proceed to send a larger amount. If you make a mistake, we at Exodus cannot be held liable for it--it's all on you. So be extra careful in dealing with this translator. Triple check your addresses (a good idea no matter the asset you are sending)!

Download the Exodus Bitcoin Cash wallet to experience BCH for yourself.

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