Can I use the same Exodus Wallet on Multiple Computers?

While it is possible to run your wallet on two computers - it's important to keep in mind that Exodus is not designed to run the same wallet on two separate devices. If you have $1000 USD on your desktop then send $500 from your laptop, the desktop computer will NOT know you sent the $500. In this state, your desktop computer thinks it still has $1000 when really it only has $500. 

This means you should make it a habit to always keep both wallets on the latest release, and refresh your wallet each time you open it. You can use this guide to upgrade your wallet, and this guide to refresh your wallet balances. 

It's also a good idea to make auditing your wallet a regular practice. This way you will know your wallets are both correctly aligned with the blockchain, and you will have the peace of mind knowing your balances are correct.You can always make sure by counting all your deposits. Here's how you can audit your transactions.

We are happy to review your transactions and help with the process if you send us your exported transactions.

If you do install the same exodus account on two different computers, be sure you don't send assets without manually refreshing or understanding the potential balance display issues. 

Note for advanced users: the same issue will occur if you use the 12 words from Exodus (or any Exodus private keys) to move funds from another wallet (Jaxx, Coinomi, etc...). 

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