EOS: About EOS Transaction Fees

Exodus Wallet has launched a Fee Delegation Service that enables a user to send EOS from Exodus Wallet, even when it wouldn't normally be possible.

The transaction fee is only used when necessary -- If your wallet needs help to send, our delegated fee service will be used.  Exodus will determine this based on the amount of available CPU and NET resources in your wallet. 

The EOS blockchain was designed to have free transactions but has also struggled to deal with a high volume of spam transactions that have been occurring on the network since November 2019.

Since smaller wallets commonly lack the approximately 10 staked EOS that are now necessary to send an EOS transaction, and they need help from a larger wallet, a solution is needed -- so we designed our Fee Delegation Service. 

What this service means is that for smaller wallets, EOS will behave just like other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. There will be a transaction fee to send EOS from wallets that don't have the power to send for themselves. (Without Exodus' fee delegation service, they would not be able to send at all).

Wallets with more EOS staked, and that haven't used their available CPU and NET resources yet, will continue to enjoy EOS' free transactions. If they send more frequently, Exodus' delegation service will automatically be there when they need it!

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