How do I manage unsupported ERC20 Tokens?

This article explains how to manage ERC20 tokens received at your Exodus ETH address that are not supported directly in Exodus. 

If you send an unsupported ERC20 token to your Exodus wallet, it will be stored at your wallet address, however, Exodus will not display it. You can confirm your token balance on an Ethereum Blockchain Explorer like Etherscan by pasting in your ETH address in the search bar and clicking on the ERC20 "Token Balance" dropdown menu:

To manage your unsupported tokens and send them out of your Exodus wallet's ETH address, you’ll need to view your ETH private key and use MyEtherWallet to manually add and send your tokens. However, If you do not intend to send the tokens anywhere, it is best to leave them stored at your Exodus ETH address and avoid exporting your ETH private key until absolutely necessary.

You must have an ETH balance in your Exodus ETH wallet for this process to work

Please be careful with your private key! It controls your ETH and all your ERC20 tokens. 

  • Never share your Private Keys with anyone, not even with Exodus support. Any person asking for your Private Keys is most likely trying to steal your funds!

Once you have your private key, you can open the official website:

When going to MyEtherWallet, it is critical that you check the URL for typos and make sure there is a security certificate in place. 

Click on the 'Send Ether and Tokens' tab:

Click the 'private key' option and copy your private key into the input box, then click 'unlock':

This will bring you to the sending screen. Scroll down and on the right side of the page, you'll find the 'Token Balances' section. First, click 'load token balances' and allow a minute or two for MEW to recognize your existing token balances.

If the token you want to send doesn't show up in the token balances section, you'll need to add it manually, so click 'add custom token':

To add a custom token you'll need some technical information for your specific token's smart contract. Open and search for your token's name.

In this example, we're using ZRX, so I searched for "ZRX" and found the token's contract. You'll need the 'Decimals' value - '18' in this case - and the smart contract address:

Return to MyEtherWallet, and copy/paste the information from into the required fields, then hit 'save':

This should add your custom token to the list of token balances. Now you can scroll back up, and pick your token from the token selection drop-down menu:
Now just enter the address you want to send your tokens to, and the number of tokens to send. The 'Gas Limit' field should populate automatically - If it stays at 25000, adjust this value to 75000 minimum, to make sure the transaction goes through

MEW will prompt you one last time before you send the transaction: 

You may want to copy down this 'TX Hash' so you can verify your transaction went through, later, using Etherscan