Desktop 19.9.12 Release Notes

What’s new in 19.9.12

DAI is Live: DAI stablecoin, NEO’s GAS, and personal transaction notes have taken leaps forward in Exodus Wallet. We stay busy, so you stay in control.


  • DAI, a dollar-pegged, Ethereum-based stablecoin is now an exchangeable asset in Exodus. Try the darling of decentralized finance for yourself!
  • NEO’s younger brother, GAS, joins the Exodus roster. NEO holders in Exodus can now claim and HODL or exchange the GAS they earn.


  • We’ve added the ability for ONT holders to claim their ONG in Exodus.
  • Personal notes now make it easy to keep track of your outgoing transactions within Exodus. Breathe, and simplify your accounting.
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