Desktop 19.8.29

What’s new in 19.8.29

Our developers have burrowed deep into the core of Exodus to improve and standardize the user experience of all supported devices. While this release comes with a lot of under-the-hood updates, you’ll notice some changes that have made things a bit more user-friendly :)


  • Keeping track of exchanges just got clearer for those running the same wallet on Mobile and Desktop. Exchanges made on your home computer will automatically display in your Mobile wallet’s exchange history. Exchanges made on your phone will automatically reflect in your Desktop wallet.


  • Exodus’ QR scanner can now read the QR codes displayed on your computer screen, making it easier for those who shop online with crypto. Yes, even for those who use other desktop wallets: Crypto is about freedom, after all.


  • The asset section in “Settings” shows you which assets are integrated into Exodus and the Trezor hardware wallet. Use Exodus to manage your Trezor assets for the most cutting-edge experience.
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