Desktop 19.8.2 Release Notes

What’s new in 19.8.2

Every 2 weeks, a new version of Exodus is delivered right to your screen. While our latest release does not include any shiny new coins, it’s now easier to send & receive, pay invoices, and exchange—all from the comfort of your favorite multi-asset wallet.


  • Your wallet experience just got an Exodus facelift. You’ll find newly designed Send and Receive screens for each asset’s wallet.

  • Payment Protocol (BIP70) integration brings BitPay support to Exodus. You can now pay BitPay invoices directly from Exodus—no need to juggle multiple Bitcoin wallets. Learn how (link to the article)


  • For those who need to go back-to-back with max exchanges, we just made life easier with a button that repeats the previous exchange. Every click saved is a click earned!


  • Dark Mode in Exodus is enabled on macOS Mojave

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