Tips and Tricks in Exodus Mobile

In this article, we show how you can better tweak and optimize Exodus Mobile to fit your needs. Enable new assets, tweak sound settings, see portfolio values in other currencies and more.

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How to enable or disable assets

You can enable assets by tapping Add More at the bottom of the Portfolio screen.
This will take you to the Profile screen where you can toggle on the assets you'd like to display in your wallet, and toggle off the assets you'd rather not see.

How to enable or mute sounds

We've added your favorite sounds effects from Desktop to Mobile! You can Mute and Unmute the wallet sounds in Profile > Settings by tapping Enable Sounds.

How to see portfolio values in other fiat currencies

With Exodus Mobile, you can view the fiat values of your crypto assets and portfolio in more than 30 local fiat currencies.

Go to Profile > Settings > Currency
Scroll or search for your local currency
Tap the currency of your choice

How to enter exchange values in fiat currency

When exchanging, tap the fiat value above the asset amount you wish to exchange. Now you'll be able to enter the fiat value and Exodus will calculate the asset amount automatically. Tap the asset amount to switch back

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