Will Exodus support Ripple, NEM, IOTA, NEO, Monero, Zcash or other assets?

The Exodus community is always active in following and collecting the latest developments on future assets. We keep a frequently-updated roadmap here:


Exodus is always on the lookout to support more assets. We receive countless requests for different coins, and we only have so many developers! As a result, we choose with care which assets we support. In order for an asset to be considered, the following criteria is assessed:

  1. Asset availability on ShapeShift.
  2. Asset has extensive documentation and readily available developer resources.
  3. Asset has specialized API servers with load balancing setup for private use by Exodus. This is much easier if the API is based upon Bitpay Insight.
  4. Market-cap and 24-hr volumes are considered. 'Top 50' or perceived potential to enter the 'top 50' assets by market cap. Community popularity, both internally in the Exodus community, and worldwide.