Mobile: I forgot my passcode. What can I do?

If you forgot your passcode and cannot use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your Exodus Mobile, you can use your secret 12-word recovery phrase to re access to our wallet:

On the lock screen in Exodus, press and hold the Backspace button for 10 seconds to enable Restore mode
Tap Forgot your passcode?
You will be presented with a screen when you will enter the first 4 of 12 words of your secret recovery phrase. Enter your first 4 words and tap Next. Continue until all 12-words have been entered and tap Restore.

After tapping Restore, Exodus will need to Restart. Exodus will begin to sync assets that are supported by both Exodus Desktop and Exodus Mobile. This may take a few seconds or several minutes depending on your wallet history. If you have a diverse portfolio with long transaction history, it may take longer.

Once the restore is complete, Exodus will let you know!

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