Monero: How do I look up a Monero (XMR) transaction?

XMR is a privacy-based coin and only a few details of a transaction are available to you by clicking on the Transaction ID from inside your Monero wallet or in the transaction history.

Once at the XMR block explorer, you will be presented with confirmation, fee, block height and size details along with the XMR payment ID.

What you will not be able to initially see are the address details or the amounts of the transaction. This is a privacy feature of Monero, if you would like to have more visibility into the transactions you can receive a send receipt or verify the deposit by:

For a send transaction, click Get a send receipt, and fill in a transaction's Tx Key (this is found in the wallet transaction history) and To address. (You can then share the result link to prove that you made a payment)
For a receive transaction, click Verify deposit, and fill in your Private View Key and address.

Be careful with your private view key here and do not share the result link as it will leak your private view key

Download the Exodus Monero wallet to experience XMR for yourself.

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