Monero: Advanced Drawer

Monero (XMR) is a privacy coin with unique features that require additional information found in the Advanced Drawer.

This guide will help bring you up to speed on the features available in the Advanced Drawer of XMR in Exodus

Sync in progress

In order for your wallet to quickly display your transaction information correctly, it must stay in continuous sync with the XMR blockchain. This applies to all assets in Exodus, however, Monero is a privacy coin and when the wallet is refreshed, the past transaction history displayed in the wallet is not maintained. When you refresh or resync the wallet to the Monero blockchain it will rebuild your transaction history as the wallet finds the information. 

To help visualize this process the wallet displays a graphical indication of the sync progress along with:

  • Remaining blocks: How many blocks left until the wallet is fully synced
  • Wallet Height: the current height or current block the wallet is synced to
  • Node Height: The current block of the connected node.

This information can be used to see if there's a problem with either the node or the connection of the wallet to the node.

Requiring 10 Confirmations

Any funds that have been received will be unspendable until the transaction with them reaches 10 blockchain confirmations. For Monero transactions, reaching 10 confirmations on average should take 20 minutes. For more in-depth information we have this great article:

Connecting to a Custom Node

Exodus uses a default node to connect to in order to populate the information in your wallet. Many XMR users prefer to run their own nodes to participate in the Monero network. Exodus allows you to enter a Custom Node of your choosing.

Click Custom Node
Enter Node address
Click Save then refresh the wallet

Download the Exodus Monero wallet to experience XMR for yourself.

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