How do I update my Trezor's firmware?

Updating the firmware on your Trezor hardware wallet can be done directly from your wallet if you are using a Trezor Model T.

If Exodus detects your Trezor hardware wallet's firmware is out of date it will not connect and prompt you to update the firmware.

Before you continue, make sure you have your Trezor recovery phrase on hand. Updating your firmware from version 2.0.10 or older may wipe your Trezor, so you will need to use your Trezor recovery phrase in order to restore your funds.

Unplug your Trezor hardware wallet
While plugging the USB cable back into your wallet, swipe from top to bottom on the LCD screen to enter the bootloader mode as shown in the video above.
Click the green checkmark on the screen to start the firmware update process.

DO NOT UNPLUG YOUR DEVICE, doing so will erase and damage the wallet.

Once complete the device will restart and automatically connect after entering your PIN.
Your Exodus wallet will now recognize and connect to your Trezor

If you're using a Trezor One, Exodus will direct you to use to update the firmware.

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