Exodus and Hardware Wallets

Sound the trumpets! Exodus and Trezor have formed a formidable alliance that will take your wallet experience and security to a whole new level. Trezor Model T and Trezor One are compatible with Exodus!

Software wallets like Exodus are only as secure as the computers they are installed on. While the private keys are encrypted locally, vulnerabilities due to poor online security practices and malware infections still present real threats to your funds. Adding hardware wallet support was a logical step for improving the overall security of Exodus. 

What are the benefits of hardware wallets?

  • Your private keys are kept offline and off of computers eliminating the risk of being hacked or copied
  • Hardware wallets are protected from malware and viruses
  • Transactions are verified on the device itself, not the computer
  • Hardware wallets are encrypted with a long pin you create, therefore, the device is useless to a thief 

Take your security to the next level and start using your Trezor with Exodus today.

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